Art in the Park


Is a yearly exhibition of art in Urbana, Illinois. It's an event that many people look forward to attending each year. The purpose of Art in the Park is to display local artists' works for sale, which are typically paintings or photographs of landscapes, abstractions, still life compositions, and other artistic endeavors. But it's not just about buying art prints.

The purpose is also to celebrate the arts culture that is present in the community and to build up this culture through sharing of ideas. The artists can discuss their techniques with one another, they can share experiences, and they can gain inspiration for future works. It's a place where you can ask questions about the process of painting, sculpting, printing, and many other forms of artistic expression.

Urbana is a city of about 45,000 people located in Champaign County. It's about 2 hours from Chicago by car or 1 hour from Indianapolis by airplane. In central Illinois, the community resides a variety of interesting places to visit such as museums, theaters, parks, and arboretums.


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