Savannah Green Residents Park


Offers residents of Urbana, Illinois the opportunity to experience nature in an urban environment. The park is relatively small at 6.2 acres but is located in a highly-populated area (see map ). It contains several outdoor amenities including playground equipment, picnic tables and benches, trails for walking or biking, and even a water feature that adults can enjoy just as much as children. The park also includes a short, easy nature trail with several informative signs about the plants and animals that can be found in the area.

The centerpiece of Savannah Green is a large pond known as Lake Savanna. This diverse ecosystem has been teeming with life since its creation in 1973. There are an estimated 200 bird species that have been seen here, including large flocks of geese and ducks that fly over heading South for the winter. Many songbirds also visit the park during their migration to warmer climates in the fall. The lake contains a wide variety of fish such as bluegill, perch, and black crappie. Large turtles can often be seen sunning themselves on logs in the water, while great blue herons hunt for small fish and frogs through the reeds that line the shore.

A walking trail runs alongside Lake Savanna where people can come to learn about the variety of wildlife that can be found here. There is also a smaller pond just off the walking trail that has signs that identify what species of turtles, frogs, and fish can be seen there. The walking trails themselves are wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side, making them ideal for parents or grandparents who may want to bring their young children here for a safe, educational experience.


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